SEI Instructors Reach New Heights in Solar

Jay Pozner and Lena Wilensky are SEI Instructors and solar extraordinaires with over 25 years of combined experience in the industry. For them, solar is a family affair. Jay, Lena and their daughter are based out of Almont, (on the Western Slope of Colorado) where they own and operate Nunatak Alternative Energy Solutions. Their business specializes in designing, installing, and maintaining power systems that will last in the harsh environments encountered at 9,000 ft in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. The special conditions of high altitude and mountainous terrain puts their solar knowledge to test in order to meet the needs of their clients, whether they’re designing a PV system for a small hunting cabin or off-setting a grid-tied house or commercial building. Luckily, as SEI alums and NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professionals, they’ve got the technical know-how to creatively problem solving to design and install systems built to last in any environment.

Both Jay and Lena had different paths into the solar industry. Lena was inspired to take leave from her high school teaching career to explore the world of renewable energy. She began her renewable energy career with Solar Energy International (SEI) by taking classes, then helping construct their technical training facility and eventually teaching PV classes around the country and online. She brings her experience as an installer and electrician to the SEI classes she leads and also shares her copious knowledge as a contributor to Home Power Magazine and by doing design work for SEI Engineering on PV systems ranging from 3kw to 3MW. Her broad experience in the solar industry and as a business owner is a huge asset to the classes she teaches.

Meanwhile Jay, like all good mountain dwellers, has experience in many sectors, from directing a non-profit to over 10 years of guiding and outdoor leadership education, to construction and the renewable energy world. He has worked in the renewable energy sector for the past ten years with almost as much variety; working on PV, solar thermal, wind, and remote power systems in extreme environments. With SEI, Jay has led solar training workshops all over North America on grid-connected and battery-based systems, instilling his passion for renewable energy into his students.

Lena says of experience as an SEI Instructor, “I love that I can do work that I believe in, and help others follow their passions as well. The energy and motivation of students and staff at SEI are beyond compare. Especially in an age where corporate culture, monopolies, and greed seem to be the main drivers for ‘success’, the community of folks that SEI brings together is a treasure to hold onto. Passing along knowledge and experience, and learning from each other is the culture at SEI, and in my opinion that is a much better definition of success! Working together, we will bring about positive changes in the energy industry for a brighter future.”

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